Use Muffle Furnace for Best Evaluation of Ash Content In A Material Or Product

In industries, there is an essential need for proper testing of various physical and chemical properties of a material. The testing of these materials and product helps in exact assessment of different attributes and service life. One of the major properties of a material that needs to be tested properly is the ash content present in that material. The ash content has considerable effects on the chemical as well as physical properties. The amount of ash in a material affects the pyrolysis of the product upon heating. The materials that have less or no ash content have less formation pyrolysis tar.

For the best evaluation of ash content in a material, a muffle instrument is used. A muffle furnace is a testing instrument which is provided with a heating chamber. In this tool, the test specimen is kept away from any sort of element that can affect the test results such as fuel of combustion, the smoke of burning, ash from burning, etc. Muffle furnace The test sample is heated at a rapid rate of heating which is around 3000 C/min. When the product is heated away from any sort of foreign effects, the ash content of the material is efficiently evaluated.

In the older time, the muffle furnaces used in industries for testing of materials were operated with oil but with the development of highly advanced and efficient electric heating elements, these instruments are also available in electric model too. Due to easy availability of electricity in almost every country, the electric version of this device has been very popular amongst industries. Apart from the easy availability, the high-efficiency and ease of use is another factor which makes the electric muffle furnace ideal for industrial usage.

The modern-day muffle furnace is available with a digital display, control panel and a PID temperature controller which provides easy operation and monitoring of the testing procedure. Today, the instrument is available as a front loading box incorporated with a Kiln or Oven which provides extreme heat to the heating chamber. The test sample is placed in the heating chamber, and heat is provided from the furnace without any flying ash or fuel content. The sample is heated till it is completely converted into ashes. After the sample is burnt totally with only ashes remaining, the ash is weighed to find the ash content present in the test sample.

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