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South India, encompassing famous Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. It is bounded by Indian Ocean in the South, Bay of Bengal in the East and Arabian Sea in West. The culture and traditions of Southern India are completely different from North India. A tour to Southern India completely spellbound the visitors with its great cultural heritage and traditions. On a tour to south India visitors can come across various places of interest that includes beaches to backwaters, temple to ancient monuments, Hill stations to wild life sanctuaries, fair and festivals to multi cuisines of this region. The states of Southern India are very well connected to the other major parts of India that makes South Tour to India a memorable experience. Look at some of the amazing all time favorite destinations on South Tour India Trekking tours in india .

Mesmerizing Beaches:- Surrounded by three oceans the Southern part of India is blessed with some of the exotic beaches. These palm fringed beaches in different states of south India with there dazzling picturesque beauty, seafood, adventure sporting activities lure visitors from across the world. Some of the renowned beaches of Southern India that one can visit are Kovalam, Alappuzha, Varkala, Kanyakumari, Mahabalipuram etc.

Backwaters and Houseboats: – One of the biggest attraction of Southern India tour is backwater and houseboat stay. The state of Kerala is famous for its backwater cruises. The stays in houseboats provide a great respite to the visitors in natural surroundings. These cruises provide them a great opportunity to understand the culture of people from close corners. The other specialty of the state is Ayurvedic treatments. These miraculous treatments rejuvenate the whole body mind and soul with the help of yoga sessions, natural diets and various therapies. These are the major attractions on a South tour.

Wildlife Safaris:- The topography and climate of South is in great favors of rich growth of flora and fauna. South India has some of the densely forested wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks that are now a home to some of the endangered species. Periyar National Park, Bandipur National Park, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is few among them.

Temples:- South India is a significant hub of ancient Indian culture, art, literature and traditional values. The temples of south India are quite famous for its superb architecture, massive size, stone work that reveals the episodes from Hindu Epics and mythology. Some of the renowned temples that one can visit on a South tour are Meenakshi Temple, Tirupat Temple, Sabrimala Temple etc.

Hill Station:- South is blessed with some of the amazing hill stations. The splendid beauty of these hill stations is a retreat for any nature lover. Whether you are on a family vacation or on a honeymoon or on a corporate trip a tour to south hill station will surly give a great respite from the mundane life.

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