I’m over the moon to welcome one of my favorite people to the blog today. Small Review is more than just a fellow blogger, she my Princess-In-Arms. So, when I asked her if she would come up with a special guest post in honor of my birthday, I knew she’s more than come through for me. And she did! She so did! Thanks, Small!

You know when you attend a party for someone’s birthday and you get to the required gift opening time and it’s sort of a mix of awkwardness, boredom, and jealousy? Well, everyone, consider this post the internet equivalent to that time. Minus the awkwardness and boredom, plus hot men but still with LOTS of jealousy (because don’t we all want to unwrap hot men on our birthdays?). Yes, that’s right, my present to Ruby is a collection of some of my favorite fictional guys. (On loan, naturally). Use them well, Ruby. Use them well. :)

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

While it’s true that Valek and Yelena begin their relationship with Valek, well, poisoning her, there’s still a surprising amount of sexual tension. Valek’s lithe, tall, dark, and handsome routine kept my heart all a-flutter. By the end of the book I was willing to take on Yelena’s horrible life of barfing and starving just so I could sleep in Valek’s quarters.

The Conjurer Princess and The Changeling Prince by Vivian Vande Velde

Whenever I picture Weiland I pretty much picture a Norse god come to life. He’s tall, blond, and stoic and he’s equally wicked with a bow and arrow or a sword. And of course that always makes me think he must have “capable hands” which always makes me think of…other things. Weiland comes with a dark past and a lot of old hurts, but it’s nothing a little tender love can’t heal.

Psion, Catspaw, and Dreamfall by Joan D. Vinge

Cat is the ultimate underdog. With the irreverent cockiness of Han Solo and the rough and tumble toughness of a life lived on the streets, Cat oozes cool (even though he’s totally unaware). The fact that he’s a mind reader makes him somewhat of an outcast…but it also makes him stellar in the bedroom (but you’ll have to read the second book for proof of that).

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

At first glance, Wayland North might not seem like much of a catch. His boots smell, he sort of kidnapped Sydelle, and he’s as irreverent as he is stubborn. Plus, his weapons of choice are a bunch of magical colored cloaks. BUT, I never fail to turn into a puddle of swoony goo as soon as he utters a sarcastic quip or teasingly needles Sydelle. He’s super protective of her in the way that’s hot but not creepy. Extra bonus? He’s a man with a secret.

Which hot fictional guy are you willing to loan Ruby on her birthday?
Go on, tell the world!


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