Jun 16

Series Special (1): The KGI Books by Maya Banks

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     Ah, yes, the glory that is a meme. I start this meme with absolutely no hope that others will follow. But I included a link list just in case. If you want to, you can join me once a month for a little book pushing. As in, featuring a series you know, love, and wish others would read. Next time, I’ll give you more warning. What’s a series you ask? Well, any story that has multiple volumes. It can feature the same characters every time, or it can focus on a new set in each volume. I don’t care! I just want you to have fun with it, and to answer the following questions:

  1. What’s the series about? 
  2. Why are you pushing this series?
  3. Who would like this series? Basically: Fill in the blank: If you like ______, then you’ll love (this new series I’m gushing about.)

Okay? Read to get started? Great. I’ll begin with the eye candy.

   The inaugural series for me is the KGI books by Maya Banks. Now, I was completely caught by surprise when I picked up the first book in the series: The Darkest Hour. The last Maya Banks book I read was Seducing Simon. It was a lackluster Contemporary Romance. Okay, but nothing special. I got my copy of The Darkest Hour at a Borders closing sale (a bittersweet victory) and it sat in my TBR stack for some time. Eventually, I picked it up…and then got me to a bookstore to devour books two and three. So:

  1. What’s the series about? As you (ahem) know, I’m a big fan of alpha heroes. Love them. I also love books with large extended families. And lots of brothers. Big, strong, brothers. Think Lachlain, Gareth and Bowen (okay, he’s a cousin–shut up). Anyway, all of the Kelly brothers are ex-military and they run a super kickass private security business called Kelly Group International (KGI). Basically, this means they all have an excuse to have the rock hard abs featured on every book cover thus far. In each volume of the series, we focus on a new Kelly brother. Book one is Ethan, two is Sam, three Garrett. I hear book four is about Nathan, but the next one after that is about Rio, who works for the Kelly boys, but isn’t one of them. During the course of their (often violent) work, these Kelly men meet their generally damaged-but-strong feminine counterparts. Which is basically when the swooning starts.
  2. Why are you pushing this series? Because, despite the silly covers, this is good romantic suspense. It’s not strictly realistic (at least, I don’t think it is) but it has solid, well-rounded characters, a great supporting cast and plenty of hot men. 
  3. Who would like this series? Fans of Pamela Clare’s I-Team books would like this series. It’s a little heavier on the intimacy front than the I-Team books, but the way that Banks writes–and her characters–will appeal to Clare fans. Also, if you read the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor books and had many a WTF? moment, try the KGI books. They’re a more realistic, grittier, better take on the mercenary-as-the-hero thing. Also, fans of the Psy-Changeling books who waited and panted (me, Jenny) in anticipation of Hawke’s books will be happy to meet the icy, reserved Steele. When his book comes I will be a puddle of goo. Happy goo.

So, did I convince you yet? Drop me a comment because I soooo want to know.

Go on, tell the world!


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6 Responses to “Series Special (1): The KGI Books by Maya Banks”

  1. Ruby! My bookshelves are groaning under all of your kick butt recommendations. Grr! I added this one too.

  2. Manga Maniac says:

    Great meme! I will play along with you :)

    You convinced me to give this series a try, and I would have purchased the first one if the eBook had been discounted even a tiny bit. Since it is the same cost as the paperback, I will have to get it from the library.

  3. Jeanette Davies says:

    So agreed with you, You have exactly the same great taste as me lol.
    I have enjoyed Lori foster, and especially Pamela Clare’s i-team books. But the KGI series is a close second if not the equal to the I-team books.

  4. Zoe Bradshaw says:

    I love this series and the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh… Two of my favourite series in the world!!! Excellent recommendations

  5. Jan says:

    Love this series. But you’ve convinced me to look up Pamela’s.

  6. Sydney says:

    I absolutely LOVE the KGI series, I’ve read all of them and am waiting for the next one to come out. Love the alpha male!

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