Pet Stain Removers – Why Stay Away From Vinegar For Pet Stains

Have you thought of how much toxins pet stains contain and leave inside your carpeting. Have you ever went into your home to smell musty pet odors and then you could not notice them anymore.

You cannot notice pet odors after awhile being in the room because of your nasal cavity. The glands in the nose become adapted to the smell, but your guests will smell it.

So how can you get rid of pet stains and why should you consider trying something that disinfects the carpet as well as removes the stains.

The simple fact that pet stains are caused by urine, feces, blood, or vomit throws up a big warning. All these items can cause bacteria and rot the carpeting as well as your insides. best pet stain remover for carpets Pet urine contains ammonia, this can be extremely harmful to you and your pet. Don’t even think about using bleach, because the mixture of bleach and ammonia will have your nose in a tail spin.

So what about vinegar?

If you are thinking about using vinegar to remove pet stains and odors then you are in for a big surprise. You see vinegar has a unique odor that really stinks in my opinion. In fact, vinegar can make your entire house smell even worse then messy pet stains and odors.

Don’t even think of using vinegar on the carpeting. Vinegar is potent and will create a funky odor for months that you will never be able to get rid of. As for pet stains and vinegar, I would recommend not to mess with it. You need something that will neutralize and deodorize the odor.

A popular raw material to clean pet stains and odors is enzymes.

Pet stain removers are now beginning to use enzymes and some are using organic raw materials.

These organic pet stain removers also disinfect and can terminate bacteria so it not only cleans and deodorizes, you also will get rid of messy diseases that can harm you and your pet.

Pet stain removers are now turning to a natural safe raw material that will be able to neutralize pet stains without damaging the carpets, no matter how old the carpeting is.

Now with so many natural cleaning products developed, it is about time a few major companies have developed pet stain removers from natural raw materials. In fact the pet stain removers neutralize pet stains and odors entirely as well as been tested to get rid of bacteria. Somewhat like a disinfectant anti-microbial pet stain remover.

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