How to Teach Your Dog to Take Food Gently

Learning how to teach your dog to take food gently is a skill that every dog owner should learn. Many untrained dogs tend to bite a portion of their owner’s finger, along with the piece of food, when going after treats fed to them. This can be their way of ensuring they get the food. Owners tend to make the mistake of pulling their hands away as soon as they feel the dog’s mouth on their skin.

Other dogs are merely overly excited about receiving their treat and will do anything to get it. In each of these cases, you’ll need to learn how to teach your dog to take food gently. Copper kettle┬áThe dog has picked up improper training habits by the owner and/or really hasn’t been taught how to take food gently in the first place.

Your job as the dog’s owner is to show your dog how to take food gently, the proper way.

Option #1:

With this method, you’ll begin to teach your dog that your hand will not release the treat until he stops nipping. To do this, simply feed your dog small portions of food from your hand, while not removing your fingers from the food.

Be cautious, but firm. If your dog is a little nippy, your first instinct will be to move your hand away, DON’T! Keep your hand in place and wait until your dog figures out that he will not get the food until he stops nipping your fingers. Once he learns this fact, and he’s calm, let him claim his reward.

If you dog displays any type of misbehavior as part of teaching your dog to take food gently (barking, pawing, etc.), delay giving him the treat. Above all, it is important for you to remain quiet and still and wait out your dog’s misbehaviors. When your dog eases his mouth, praise him for the great job he’s doing. This method also teaches your dog bite inhibition. However, if his teeth are really causing you pain, you can try this approach with gloves on, or try Option #2.

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