Today I’m pleased to welcome an author who has written a guest post that is almost painfully appropriate to my blog. Author Dani Harper is here to talk about #nakedwerewolves. Well, sorta. Okay, she’s here to talk about werewolves and I just added the naked part in my mind. Dani is the author of the Changeling series–Changeling Moon, Changeling Dream and the soon-to-be-released Changeling Dawn. Haven’t read them yet? No worries–Dani’s kindly offering a giveaway of a book of choice from the series (pictured below).

Thanks for stopping by Ruby’s Reads, Dani!

Why Shapeshifter Boyfriends are Best

Werewolves make the best boyfriends. Oh yes they do! No matter what you call them – shapeshifters, Changelings (like in my new series) or lycans – werewolves totally ROCK as significant others.

Here’s why –

1. A werewolf boyfriend is always around. He never disappears when the sun comes up and he can take you the beach. He won’t sparkle or combust at the family picnic in July. (He may eat all the food – but then, Aunt Mabel will be thrilled that somebody finally liked her marshmallow salad…)

2. A werewolf boyfriend is strong.
We’re talking muscles upon muscles here. You’ll never hear him complain when you ask him to move the piano. And the couch. And the refrigerator. At the same time. At the mall, he’ll carry your bags. And you, when your feet get tired.

3. A werewolf boyfriend is sexy. After all, he has that whole animal magnetism thing going on. And by the way, you don’t have to worry about him running out of steam. He has stamina and then some in the boudoir.

4. A werewolf boyfriend is protective.
It’s his nature to look out for you and make sure nothing – absolutely nothing – is allowed to distress you. Not only are you safe from muggers, but used car salesmen, religious pamphlet pushers and groups asking for money will likely never bother you again. Oh, and as for your ex BF – who?

5. A werewolf boyfriend is loyal. After all, real wolves mate for life and so do werewolves. In a roomful of fashion models, movie stars and beauty queens, your BF will be focused on you and only you. Nice, huh?

My new shapeshifter series revolves around the Macleods, a family of Changelings. The men are big, strong, sexy, good-looking and intelligent. Able to become wolves at will. And they have tender hearts as big as all outdoors. Check out Changeling Moon and Changeling Dream, which are available now. What about female shapeshifters, you say? There’s one for you too. Changeling Dawn releases December 27 with an unforgettable human hero. For more info, go to

My question to my readers today is this:

Why do YOU think a werewolf would make a good boyfriend? Or not?

One winner will be drawn from the commenters to receive a signed copy of one of my Changeling books (reader’s choice) and a Dani Harper tote bag to put it in! Draw is open to international entries, and ends on December 21st.

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