The trends in education are changing every day. There is a strong competition in education line, in order to get admission in best colleges or universities, one has to clear many exams. Every best educational institute conducts the interview or qualifying exam to get the best students. They prefer those students which really want to study. GMAT exam is one of those exams. It stands for graduate management admission test which is a computerized test conducted to check the analytical and quantitative reasoning of the aspired candidates. Thousands of students apply for these tests and only qualifying students get selected. There are many institutions offering GMAT COACHING IN NOIDA. To get best of all you can join the best coaching centre of Noida.

This general examination aims to examine the writing, verbal, quantitative and analytical reasoning of the candidate. In order to get admission n graduate management program of the famous and the best educational institution one has to clear this exam. One can take this exam up to five times a year. Famous business schools use this method of testing as criteria for admission. GMAT test centers are available in around 115 countries around the world. There are many coaching centers available which are providing coaching for clearing of this test. In order to get admission in best business schools you need to qualify this exam with good rank.

This examination is divided into four main divisions which are: analytical writing, reasoning, quantitative, verbal reasoning. Four of this section has different weight age in total marks. Details of these sections are as follows:

  • Analytical writing: this section is a kind of essay writing test. In this section a situation is granted to a student of a position. The candidate is required to analyze that statement or a position and try to understand it well and to suggest ways for the improvements. The scoring under this section is done on the scale of 0-6.
  • Quantitative section: this section includes two types of multiple choice questions like: problem solving and data sufficiency. There are total of 37 questions in this section which are to be solved in 75 minutes. No calculators or mobile phones are allowed in this test. The level of reasoning under this section is a quite high level.
  • Verbal reasoning: this section includes the multiple choice questions which are relating to sentence completing, comprehensions etc. paragraphs will be available and the candidate are required to read the paragraph and to answer the questions in relation to that comprehensive paragraph. There are total 41 multiple choice questions which are to be solved within 75 minutes.
  • Integrated reasoning: this section is kind of intellectual test. There are total 12 questions in this section which are to be solved by the candidate. The candidate will be given marks as per the scaling of 1-8. The questions in this section are in relation to the tabular, graphical presentation of data.

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