I have been blogging for a little over a year now (it will be a year and four month on January 5), and I gather this makes me a “Big Blogger.” Naturally, I shy away from the term “oldie blogger” because in my heart, I’m still that girl who thought 16 seemed soooooooooo far away. Still, it would be useless to deny that my year and change of blogging experience hasn’t taught me tons–I’d be worried if it hadn’t–but the truth is, blogging is just like everything else. There’s always more to learn. It’s just that the things you have to learn as an established blogger are a whole new kettle of fish compared to the queries and concerns of the newbie blogger.

And that’s just what this event is all about.
    But first, I know the question that’s on a lot of minds right now is: 
How do I know if I’m a newbie blogger or a big one? 
    There’s no black and white answer, but I can tell you that when your blogging concerns begin to shift from:
How can I get ARCs? 
How can I blog and yet still have a life?
     You’ve probably made the transition to big blogger. And in my opinion, that this is when the need for support is at its greatest. In the beginning of blogging, enthusiasm carries you a long way. Once you’ve been blogging for a while, once the honeymoon is really and truly over, you that wonderful community that the book blogosphere is known for. 
So, let’s chat. 
     With this post, I’m giving you guys an opportunity to share struggles, to give advice, and to ask questions of your fellow bloggers. Go ahead–don’t be shy. I’ll start with a few questions of my own:
  1. How in the heck do people find time to comment? Commenting is a constant struggle for me. Does anyone have any techniques to share? 
  2. What are the best ways of networking with other bloggers, authors and publishers? Twitter? Facebook? Please don’t tell me it’s Facebook.
  3. How do you snap out of “reading feels like work” ennui?
  4. Tell me more about this thing you call “scheduling.”
 It’s your chance to get–and give–support!
Ask questions. 
Give advice. 
Huggle the blogger next to you.

    If you’re a newbie blogger OR an old one, make sure to check out Small Review’s sister event, Busting the Newbie Blues. It’s a wonderful opportunity for newbie bloggers to learn the ropes, and for older bloggers to share a bit of their wisdom. I participated last year, and met some really awesome folks. I’m looking forward to answering the “oldie blogger” questions and seeing what’s changed. Plus, Small tells the story of how we “met!”

    Go on, tell the world!


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