Everyone, please meet Maghon, from the blog Happy Tails and Tales. She has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Book Bully Week event, and done her best to help get the word out. Today she’ll be representing a much beloved series–The Elemental Assassin books by the fantastic Jennifer Estep. Welcome, Mag!

Hello everyone, I am going to be explaining why each of you should read my series that I have picked and then I’ll give it away to someone lucky. :) I couldn’t chose just one, so I am gunna do a short, but meaningful, argument for each series that I am giving away. :) And now, on to the show. :) The first series I chose is the Elemental Assassin (Gin Blanco) series by Jennifer Estep.

      I chose this series because it’s one of the first series I can say I was surprised by all the elements. Not too many authors give these kind of powers and get this specific with how they work. So, that’s what originally got me to pick up the book (the first one). I hadn’t heard of Jennifer Estep yet, and so I read the first one, and working at a used book store, I talked about it CONSTANTLY! I LOVE Gin! I love everything she stands for, and even though I could never kill someone, I sure wish I could sometimes, and just because she kills for a living doesn’t mean she is a bad person. As the series continues, she HELPS people, good, honest, needful people! And she doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap. She may stay quiet then, but boy does she hold a grudge FOREVER! This will not go unanswered. Now, in the first couple of books, she has a love interest of Donovan (boo!!!). I don’t know why, but I knew something bad was gunna happen, and he was gunna break her heart, and of course he did…. but you know there is always something better on the other side of doors and I LOVE OWEN!!!!! I like everything he stands for too. And I am pretty sure, that even though I love Gin (who couldn’t?) my favorite character to read about would be Mr. Finnegan Lane. :)
      There is so much tragedy in these books sometimes (that makes for good plots, so keep it up Ms. Estep), Finn never lets things get him down. Even if he is a complete player, and womanizer, I LOVE HIM! He’s a great big foster brother to Gin, and everyone always meets their match, and boy is it a COMPLETE suprise who his match is! There is so many twists and turns, and fun times, and cheerful times, and sad times. These books can give you every emotion! If what I have said about these books hasn’t convinced you to read them yet, then you are so full of…. ummm, hahahaha! Ok, so just go get these books so I don’t have to get inappropriate! And the good news is, the next book–By a Thread–will be released on February 28, 2012. That’s not too long a wait and it’s SO PRETTY!!! :)

Now, for this giveaway (I’m sorry to my international friends, but postage is OUTRAGEOUS– but keep reading for your giveaway) I am giving a paperback copy of THE WHOLE SERIES… that’s ALL 5 books to some lucky kid!! :) Yep, I am so excited! This means you will have the entire series to hold in your hand and read and re-read…. I think I’ve reread this series at least 5 times :) The link for the google doc form is below, which means all ya gotta do is fill it out. If there are a whole lot of responses, then I will get random.org to pick someone for me :) I wish everyone good luck and happy reading :)

Please visit Mag’s blog for the Google Docs form.
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