I am pleased to introduce one of my most favoritest bloggers, ever, and that’s Amanda, from On a Book Bender. Amanda has been victim to my own book bullying efforts at least once. Luckily for me, she chose a series that I require no coercion to try. I already love Thea Harrison. But you don’t want to hear me say it. Amanda’s words is better.

     Go read the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison!
     Wait, is that not enough bullying? I mean, it’s worked for me before. But something tells me that might not be very effective in this case. (Uh, no, not so much.)
     Okay, let’s try this again.
     Go read the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison! Errr…haven’t I said that already? But really, you should. If you like paranormal romances with hot alpha males (*Raises hand* Me, me, me!), engaging characters and an intriguing world, this is your series.
     Thea Harrison writes love stories that make your chest constrict and your breath escape you. These are the kind of stories that force you stay up late at night reading because you simply cannot put the book down. But the Elder Races series is far more than a collection of love stories. The Elder Races world is masterfully built and expanded upon with each successive book, with intricate details that weave the normal and paranormal together so tightly, it is impossible not to be sucked in.

     The Wyrkind, Light and Dark Fae, the Demonkind, the Nightkind, Elves, and human witches make up the Elder Races. Dragon Bound, the first in the series, starts us off with an introduction to the Wyr… and Dragos. Though you risk the wrath of Ruby (Grr!) if you try to steal Dragos for yourself, you will want to meet him. I’m not given to staking claim on delicious male characters, but I have to admit that Dragos tempts me. (just don’t tell Ruby that; it’ll be our little secret)

     Storm’s Heart expands on our knowledge of the Wyr with Tiago and introduces us more fully to the Dark Fae. Serpent’s Kiss has more Wyr (really, they are all quite appetizing [*Nods* Yup.]) and the Nightkind. Oracle’s Moon, which will release in March, will feature the Demonkind and human witches. Though it may sound complex and confusing, Thea Harrison makes the Elder Races world real and accessible to the reader. Not just accessible, but addictive and compelling. I’m not sure it is ever possible to get enough.

     If this is not enough to convince you to pick up this series, then allow me to add that Dragon Bound was one of the first paranormal romances that convinced me to continue picking up books within the paranormal romance genre. And, perhaps more importantly, reading Dragon Bound — and this entire series — reminds me why I so love a good romance story. Without realizing it, I had lost interest in romance novels. Dragon Bound revived it, and the rest of the series continues to keep it alive.

     But what makes this series even better (as if it were possible) is that each story is unique to itself. Some have said that the latter two books cannot live up the first; I say that the characters in each book are distinct individuals with stories written solely for them. The strength of Thea Harrison’s writing is that you get the same breathtaking love story, but with characters that are a force unto themselves. They are unforgettable. This, I find, is perhaps one of my favorite aspects about the series, and how other series fall flat in comparison. These characters will worm their way into your heart and stay there long after you close the pages.

     Guess what? Berkely Sensation is offering a giveaway of Dragon Bound to one lucky winner. If you haven’t started the series, now’s your chance! To enter:

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