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What’s Bloggiesta, you ask? Well, besides an opportunity for me to pretend like I’m a flamenco dancer, it’s also a special time set aside for us bloggers to catch up with all those pesky tasks that we’ve fallen behind on, never had time to get to, or simply to have an excuse to celebrate that you spend as much time on your blog as you normally do. I may have added that last part all by myself.

Here’s an excerpt from the hosts of Bloggiesta, Suey from It’s All About Books:
If you decide to participate, here’s what you can expect:

If all that sounds like something you’d like to do, please write a post letting us know and link up! OLE!

So, I’m going to participate in Bloggiesta this year, because I have a whole host of things I’ve been wanting to do to spiff up Ruby’s Reads. Here’s a sampling of what I’ll be working on from March 30 to April 1:

I have more. In fact, my list goes on for quite some time,┬ábut these are at the tasks that came to my mind right away. I don’t expect everything to get done, but I’d be satisfied with a weekend of hard work and making at least some headway. Also, I suspect the whole thing will be pret-ty fun!

Go on, tell the world!


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