Basic, Simple Obedience Training For Your Dog

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give your puppy or yourself is obedience training. Although, it isn’t a quick fix it all, this training can give your dog the foundation needed to handle almost any problem that comes his way.

Dogs crave attention and companionship. This shows how social these animals truly are and by giving him the gift of obedience training you will be opening up the possibilities for communication between your dog and yourself. Proper communication is very important and is the one thing that will allow you to express to your dog what you expect him to do. There are so many wonderful things you can teach him once this communication has been established.

You will be amazed at the things you can train your dog not to do as well, such as soiling the house, destroying your things, barking constantly, digging holes in the yard, fighting with other dogs, and even biting you. All of these could be considered normal behavior for dogs, How to teach dog to roll over but there is a time and a place for such behavior and through obedience training you can teach him when the proper times are.

Through obedience training you have the opportunity to show your dog that you are indeed master. You may be surprised at how much he will enjoy showing his submission to you by simple little tricks you can teach him like rolling over, giving a kiss, or shaking hands.

This should be a fun, bonding and rewarding time for the both of you. Knowing that your dog is well-trained will give you a stronger sense of security and will give him more confidence. You can feel a lot more at ease with the idea of allowing him more freedom. You can rest easy knowing that when you call he will come.

Age does not make any difference in training and no matter whether your dog is just a puppy or he is an older dog, you should start right away teaching him. Since a dogs behavior changes constantly, new problems may arise or existing problems could become worse.

Sometimes it may be necessary to hire a professional trainer to work with your dog on his obedience training. However, if possible you should try to do it yourself, when this is not possible or does not work, find a reputable trainer.

Do not use physical violence as a form of reprimand, as this will cause other issues that you will have to deal with at a later time.You should never ever hit your dog, try to keep a calm tone when you scold him for doing bad things.

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