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All About Ruby

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DAY 1 of My Birthday Week!
I have lots of fun stuff planned, so stay tuned!

Since few of the questions asked about me or my life, I’ll summarize my biography in under 122 words. And anyway, it gives me an opportunity to talk about myself in the third person.


Aside from a brief stint in Washington, DC, Ruby has lived in Southern California her entire life. An inveterate reader from the age of something or other, she grew up reading. As a child, her ambition was to become a stage-and-screen actress. She practiced singing and dancing on the front steps of her childhood home, and heard about it from witnessing neighbors well into young adulthood. Eventually, Ruby became a teacher instead of an actress (though they’re not actually that different), and currently teaches the next generation of children to love to read (or else). When she’s not blogging or reading, Ruby can be found hugging her cherry red KitchenAid mixer. No, seriously. That’s the only other thing she does.

What size are your feet?

I have small feet. If I didn’t also have wide feet, I’d wear a five and a half. Since I do, I most often wear a 6. Occasionally a six and a half. And a seven only when I wish to feel like I’m wearing clown shoes.


I forget.

With who?

A #NakedWerewolf. Duh.

Do you watch Buffy? If so, what’s your favorite season? Episode? Character?

I have watched Buffy, but I was actually an Angel fan first. In college, my friends made me a card with David Boreanaz in the bathtub. After I watched Angel for a while, I went back and watched Buffy. I like the first two seasons best, and some of the third season, though I kind of felt they dragged out the Angel/Buffy storyline past its life expectancy. I went through a phase of loving the show again when the focus shifted to Spike/Buffy. But then they actually got together and I ended up being squicked out.

Excluding #NakedWerewolves, what’s your favorite type of shapeshifter?

The Psy-Changeling cats, fer sure. With a side of lion (aka Curran.)

Why do you hate tater tots?

I think it’s because of the ratio of fried surface area to soft, inside, squishy potato. And I don’t hate tater tots. They’re just below french fries, my mom’s latkes and hasbrowns on my list of favorite fried potato dishes.

Are you a bibliophagist?  Can you prove it?

According to UrbanDictionary.com, bibliophagia is “the act of eating books,” so I’m guess that a bibliophagist is “one who eats books.” I believe that I am a biblophagist, and I plan on proving this when I get around to doing my post-moving bookshelf tour. Whenever that is.

Why buy the cow?

Well, I don’t eat beef, so maybe for the fresh milk and butter? Possibly as a pet? As calves, they’re pretty cute, but I think I’d probably get rid of it before it go too big. Just sayin’.

Dragon, griffin or Djinn?

Dragon. Have you met Dragos? Although griffins are pretty cool. Thea Harrison is the only one who has done Djinn for me.

Dog, cat or ferret?

KITTEHS! My mom and I were once chased by a ferret, so I’m scared of them.

Will you have a drink with me?

Sure. You buying? I’ll take a gin and tonic. Or a shot of Patron.

Are you a member of the Unicorn Success Club?

Not that I’m aware of. Unless I signed up by accident. Which is possible. Sadly.

How long have you been blogging?

Over a year. I started in September of 2010, so that makes it…a year and seven months? Eep! How the time flies!

What are your favorite genres?

I tend to read in waves, so it might be easier to tell you what I don’t read. I rarely read nonfiction, I’m not a big fan of Middle Grade stuff, religious fiction makes me uncomfortable, and I don’t like time travel stories, zombies or stories that don’t have any romance in them. A couple of under-appreciated genres that I can’t get enough of are: Gothic Romance, Historicals set after the turn of the 20th Century, Private School Pararanormals, Traditional Regencies a la Georgette Heyer and Post-Apocalyptic (as compared to Dystopian) fiction.

How often do you read?

Every day, without fail. I read while I’m in line at the grocery store, the coffee shop, while brushing my teeth…I even sneak in some time during the work day by reading aloud to my class.

What’s usually your favorite aspect of a book (characters, plot, etc.)?

The romance is usually my first consideration. If it doesn’t work for me, I probably won’t enjoy the book. However, character, plot and setting are integral to the romance. The best books (and their authors) excel at all of these things. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say character. Nothing frustrates me more than a crummy, unrelatable, unsympathetic cast of characters. If I can’t root for someone, there’s no point.

What is your favorite part about blogging?

The people. The books. Everything. I love it.

Do you prefer finished copies or ARCs?

I actually don’t really care. Unless it’s a favorite. Like, I’m planning on getting The Calling in a finished hardcover version, even though I got an ARC. Occasionally, the finished copy is prettier than the finished one…it might have raised print or glitter, but it would have to be REALLY pretty to make me buy it when I already have it.

Is it OK if I call you “The Rubster”? I love adding -ster to people’s names. I don’t know why…

Absolutely! I love nicknames, and I have dozens. Rubita, Ruben, Ruba, Rubella, Ru, Luby, Rubilicious…I could go on. Call me anything…except Rudy. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really really, really, really hate being called Rudy. So don’t do it. I will blackball you and never speak to you again.

Has your roommate figured out who I am yet? Creepy, yet genius, if so!

Yes. Stop picking your nose and eating it. It’s gross, and I have to deal with that s@%* at school every day.

Do you prefer hardback, paperback, or e-books?

Hardcover for preference. I like trade paperbacks as well, and mass markets for travel. Ebooks are great for their convenience, and because you can get out-of-print titles that way, but I never really feel like I own an ebook. I like having physical copies on my shelves.

In the EPIC battle of #NakedWerewolves who are your top 5 guys?

1. Hawke, from the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh

2. Derek, from the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

3. Derek from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews

4. Bowen from the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole (This is kind of a three-way between Bowen, Lachlain and Garreth.)

5. Gabe from the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neil

Why is your blog green?

Ha! That’s a good question. Really, it’s because the image of the girl with the book was green when I purchased it. Or, possibly, it’s a tribute to my mother. Her favorite color is green. There are days when she doesn’t dress in any other color.

A guy that is butt ugly but smells like heaven, or a gorgeous guy that stinks?

Butt ugly but smells like heaven. Ugly can be sexy. See: Terrible from the Downside Ghosts series. Also, I can’t recall a sight (with the exception of most medical dramas) that has made me physically ill. I can, however, remember several smells that have done so.

 More questions? Ask them here.
Fewer questions? Can’t do anything about that. Sorry.
Go on, tell the world!


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