3 Ways To Keep Your Cat From Clawing Furniture

A problem many cat owners face is that their very own cats act as furry vandals by putting their claws into places that hurt. Whether it is your priceless furniture or your legs, your pet’s sharp claws can wreak havoc. Here are four ways to ease that problem:

1) Keep your cat outside and provide it with plenty of savoury scratching targets. If you let your cat indoors, it won’t guarantee your cat won’t stop scratching indoors, but at least it will keep encourage your cat to keep their claws somewhat in check.

2) Declaw your felines nails. It is possible for your vet to do surgery on your cat’s paws and remove the cat’s nails but you would be putting your cat through some discomfort and denying it from built-in behaviours it adores. how to cut cat nails with human clippers For some households with small children or for health reasons, this may be an only option.

3) Provide dedicated scratching furniture. Buy a scratching post or scratch mat and encourage your cat to adopt it as its main scratching target. It amazes me how many house holds with cats do not have scratching posts. It saves your furniture and the cats love it. If you have trouble getting the cat to use the scratching post, buy some catnip and have it adorn the scratching post or attach a pet-safe toy. Even with scratching posts and the like, your felines claws may remain mightily sharp and that can hurt if it puts its paws into your skin during play. You can however clip your pet’s nails and trim off the sharp ends using a scissor’ like tool specifically designed for cats. It is an excellent option that serves all parties involved. The only trouble is some cats might put up a fight before they let you cut their nails.

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